My years of experience in copyediting range from journalism, legal writing, and digital marketing. I provide web content, blogging, content creation, and editing services.

Intuitive Readings

With tarot cards, rune, and oracle cards I offer comfortable sessions tailored to each clients individual needs and questions. These sessions can be in person or remote (depending on location). Prices vary depending on session length.

Book Reviews

Written book reviews for my blog on a wide variety of genres such as: fantasy, sci-fiction, creative non-fiction, young adult fiction, and action adventure manuscripts.

Healing Sessions

Under my shamanic training, I offer facilitated healings to help with a variety of needs. These sessions can be in person or remote (depending on location).

Website Development

Web Content development with Wix and WordPress. I provide all written web content development for websites. My content will be custom tailored to each clients needs.

Light Language Grids

Personalized Light Language healing grids tailored to each clients preference. An initial consultation will be held at first. I will work on the personalized grid for a few days before activation. Prices varies depending on grid size.


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