Who am I?

It all started with books and a camera.

In 2015 I launched an Instagram under the username (@gladiatorglory) in Instagram’s #bookstagram community, and quite frankly, it was the best decision I have ever made. The book community has taught me the value of books, reading, and friendship through my passion for photography. Through this platform, I have had the privilege of networking with countless friends across the globe who share the same mutual love of literature. Since then, I've read over two hundred or so novels these past few years without plans to stop any time soon. My tastes in literature all from the genres of adult fantasy to contemporary to crime-fiction to romance.

As well as being an avid book guru on Instagram, I'm also a content creator on YouTube. I occasionally like to recreate book covers on my face in the form of makeup looks for my YouTube channel on a segment I call Bookish Makeup Tutorials. It is a place where I write reviews on books, talk about my favorite music, and share my aspiring writing dreams. One day I hope to have a few of my own novels on the shelves of a bookstore.

Outside of my appreciation for literature, I am actively pursuing a law degree (as well as fangirling about Paramore’s latest music). The legal field is a complex beast to tame but at the end of the day, there really is nothing better than helping someone in need. As a whole, my website is a culmination of my love of book blogging, creative writing, and an avid passion for photography.

Should you feel the urge to contact me for business purposes, feel free to check out my services page!

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