The Hidden Gem: Half Price Book Links

The following links are associated with an article I've written for my university assignment. The object of the assignment was to create a cohesive interactive article where one could explore my featured sense of place. Enjoy the links:

The Publishing Industry

This link is meant to discuss the thriving publishing industry and what’s pushing forward that drive. A biased consensus from the public contradicts the myth that the publishing industry is thriving in our current marketplace’s climate. Books are being published more due to the drive from social media influence & pop culture’s influence through film and television.

Forbes article on Big Book Franchises

Books have been a basis for inspiration for the film industry. The popularity of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter franchised sparked an interest in what other book-to-screen adaptations can create a tremendous profit like Rowling. First came Harry Potter with a stunning tale about three friends who fight against the dark arts leader, Voldemort. I used this link as an external source to show what is stimulating the publishing industry.

Why Bookstores Matter

I wanted to link this article to discuss the overwhelming message I wanted to achieve with my article which was how rare and unique bookstores are. I wanted to prove their relevance in a technological world.

Woodland Square's Website

This link follow to the website of the shopping square where Half Price Books is located.

Half Price Book's Location

Half Price Books Website

Half Price Books Story

Half Price Books Green Books

Half Price Books Green Initiative

These five links were crucial to my article because it gave me a lot of background content to Half Price Books origins, mission, and charities that they help donate books to. These links were the foundations of my article's understand of Half Price Books.

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