"I Enjoy Being A Girl, Sort Of" This American Life Podcast Review

Photograph of a female boxer courtesy of Wix's public domain database.

Being a woman is a complex position in society where you are either loved or hated. This particular episode of This American Life is in reference to how girls are constantly changing themselves to fit within society. Ira Glass holds a discussion with a woman named Rebecca. Rebecca understands how being a woman is a wonderful experience, but it comes with difficulties, especially if you’re a young girl. She states “It's hard to imagine many boys changing style this quickly, this willfully, this many times. It is very, very girl. Transforming yourself head to toe every year because you can. And because you're expected to be that obsessed with how you look.” Women are trained to be inauthentic and represent this European set standard created by social media and the beauty industry. I think this episode speaks volumes to how women are forced into subverts roles created by society’s hegemony on gender roles. My favorite segment during this episode what in Act One, where David Sedaris explains how his father’s misogyny affects her sister. His father had always body-shamed his sister and basically told her if she wasn’t skinny, she wasn’t good enough for anyone. In retaliation, she decided to wear a fat suit to scare the daylights out of her father. This part of the podcast had me outright laughing at his father’s discomfort because he deserves to feel that way. It's far too often that women are pressure to look a certain way and grown up a child on the outside of popularity. We deserve to be respected. I felt like this conversation was handled very well…it wasn’t a discussion based on lifting women by shaming certain groups of women. I highly recommend this podcast episode to all my feminism enthusiasts.

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