Brainstorming: Five Possible Senses of Place to Explore

The five places I've come up with to explore are:

*Atlanta Botanical Gardens

*Gibbs Garden

*Little Five Points

*Freedom Park

*Tallulah Gorge

#1 - Gibbs Garden

Gibbs garden is a wide park with lush, detailed gardens. The gardens have a variety of wildlife and flowers that sprawl the hills of Georgia. I chose this place to possible explore because I love nature and it always brings me to a happier part of myself.

#2 Little Five Points

Little Five Points is a small area in Atlanta I've always wanted to go but never found the time. There's a ton of great coffee shops and cool stores to shop at. I would want to visit Little Five Points because I've never really explored Atlanta all that much, and I feel like Little Five Point would be a really fun place to visit with friends.

#3 - Tallulah Gorge

Tallulah Gorge is a wonderfully beautiful place to hike & explore. I've always loved camping as a child, and I used to always go camping with my dad as a kid. Tallulah Gorge seems like a place I'd love to go visit and camp with my family. It had a variety of trails- not to forget, there are a ton of beautiful waterfall views.

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