"Dawn" This American Podcast Review

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“Dawn” is a very interesting episode of This American Life because it focuses highly on an individual’s quest for living their best truth. Ira Glass opens up the podcast by introducing by stating “So many stories about childhood are set at the first moment of adolescence, that moment when we first try to cope with the giddy, nauseating fact of what it's going to be like for us as adults. The sixth grade. This is where Jack Hitt's story and his search begin.” Jake Hitt is a pretty unique character whose grown up around some unique characters. One of these characters is a British writer named Gordon Langley Hall. One day he learns Gordon left to go to John’s Hopkins hospital…only Gordon came back under the name Dawn Pepita Langley Hall. Hitt describes Dawn as a groundbreaking woman who opened up the story for his sexual awakening. Dawn was an elegant transgender woman who shocked the world with her sex change. Hitt describes her as the type of wild women who doesn’t give a care to anyone’s opinion and does what she pleases. Hitt remembers Dawn in his old age as someone who’s inspiring, so he goes into detail about his quest to find out the truth about who Dawn is rather than just listening to all the rumors about her. It’s through this journey that listeners get an inside look at the gay aristocracy in Charleston hidden from the public eye and nestled in the antiquing business. This entire part of the story was almost as if it was a podcast being told within a podcast. It was very analytical and exciting, as opposed to the previous podcast episodes on This American Life. Jake Hitt’s exploration of transphobia, Charleston’s history, and the rumors that cloud figures in society leave viewers properly enthralled to this podcast episode.

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