Best Places to Read!

There’s a lot of distractions when it comes to reading. Many people feel as though reading is too hard because there’s always loud noises, social media distractions, and people trying to talk to you. A reader has to be able to feel comfortable in their environment in order to start a good book. A big part of this feeling comes from what location you think is the best place to start reading. The two major factors to choosing a great place to read centers on how quiet or crowded a reading space is. If you’re indecisive or have no idea where to start, never fear! Down below I’m going to explain my top three favorite places to read and why:


Hammocks are wonderful places to read if you love the outdoors. I prefer to read in hammocks outside during nice, cool weather because it provides some peaceful relaxation to my already busy schedule. Using a portable hammock, one can set their reading space wherever they choose! By a lake, under some trees, or even on your local college campus! By using a portable hammock, a reader gets to isolate themselves away from hectic, everyday life to lay back with a delightful book.


Reading by a fireplace is one of the coziest experiences a reader can have on a cold winter day. The blazing fires provides a nice warmth that’ll encompass you as you venture off into the unknown with you book. Preferably, when you reader by a fireplace, try to do it closer to night time as it’ll provide a nice atmosphere for you to immerse yourself in a gritty fantasy.

Public Parks

Public parks provide a free atmosphere that is both aesthetically pleasing and relaxing reading environment. It encourages you to explore your surroundings, and further immerses yourself into the world building of the novel you read. I like to read at public parks because the fresh open air can be very therapeutic. often times parks are very serene and quite so it wouldn't be difficult to get lost in a book here!

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