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  • Grace S. Siverston

A Crack In The Sky: Foreword by Grace S. Sivertson

My ancestors spoke in hushed whispers over burning hearths.

Their soft-spoken words mingled with the orange embers of night and gave birth to our history. Their tales spoke of rebellion, sacrifice, and honor. Lush lands were ruled by powerful kings. Brutal battles overseas. Gods and heroes. And like most stories, these tales spoke of destiny...a force spun together by three divine women named Urðr, Verðandi, and Skuld. My ancestors recognized these women as The Norns. They were weavers of mankind's destiny and operated within the space and time of the cosmos. It has been said legends were born and killed within their woven threads.

I have my own thread.

It's been broken, beaten, and burned in what I have already experienced in this lifetime. Still, I have survived and will continue to.

So, I needed my ancestors' stories.

They changed me.

I gathered their words into the caverns of my heart at every available chance. I willed my ancestors' legacies to spread throughout my body and give me strength. Begged those words to burn down into the marrow of my bones and every fiber of my soul. I wanted those precious words to keep myself warm on the coldest and darkest nights. Nothing else mattered, not even the air flowing through my lungs or the blood pumping through my veins...because I know the truth.

The truth is, and much to my disappointment, while light exists-

Darkness does too.

This is my story.

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